Cheryl's Red Hot Twin Flames
JV Sales Offer


Launched December 19, 2016

December 5, 2016

Welcome to our Twin Flames Launch for
Cheryl's Red Hot Mailer and Cheryl's Red Hot Hits!

Cheryl here, and I am super excited about our new Twin Flames launch.

It has a Unique Sales Plan that includes two partner levels, an Affiliate Level and a special Promoter
Level. Altogether, this free viral mailer and traffic exchange is set up with 8 Levels of Marketing
It has incentives to help encourage and ensure members will remain active for
the long term life of this mailer.
This unique process starts with two professional partner levels.

This is where you come in..........

If you have received this invitation, then you are highly regarded in the Marketing Industry as a
professional Network Marketer.
That is why we created this opportunity especially for you to get
on the ground floor as a Gamma Ray Partner. This level is one step above being a JV and it carries
exciting Benefits along with unique Responsibilities. Being a Partner will help you earn
big commissions
both before and during launch and for the life of this mailer and traffic exchange.

Gamma Ray Partners share the profits with the Owners in bringing in the JV Team.

That's right.

You read that correctly.

Normally, an Owner rounds up a special team of JV Partners before and after launch until all
positions are filled. The JV Partners have different levels in which to buy in or earn their way in.
But this free viral mailer and traffic exchange are different in their marketing approach
in that they offer the
Gamma Ray Partners
the opportunity to share the wealth of all those JV Team commissions when they opt in.

And what's more, all the Red Hot JV Members are required to purchase their upgrade,
so there are no "Free Opt Ins" for this level. This way, your commissions potential

What level commissions can you expect to earn as a Gamma Ray Partner?

Would you believe 60% Commissions on all Upgrades and Sales?

It's true.

We are sharing the wealth with our special team of Gamma Ray Partners.

Your success is paramount to our success.

Thank you for reading this far.

Now it doesn't end there.......................

Gamma Ray Partners earn 50% Commissions for all JV Partners that they personally refer.

Let me repeat that.......

Gamma Ray Partners invite the JV Team Partners before launch and earn

50% Commissions for each one you personally refer.

They will be in "YOUR DOWNLINE", not the Owner's Downline!

Read enough? Ready to Join? Simply Scroll to the Bottom.

It's a unique incentivized marketing plan to help ensure that we build a strong launch team.
The benefits are
huge for both the Partners, the JV Team and the Owners. Our efforts will
be greatly multiplied with a strong motivated team of partners who will earn huge
commissions from the beginning even before launch and long into the life of these sites.

So here's the Skinny on the Numbers.....

There will be a limited number of Gamma Ray Partners to bring in the Red Hot JV team....

.........24 to be exact.

Gamma Ray Partners are an Elite Team so this invitation is one of privilege that
acknowledges YOU as a professional internet marketer. All Gamma Ray Partners
are being personally invited.

Once upgraded, you are free to Personally Recruit the Red Hot JV Team.
You will simply send them this sales letter and communicate with your
prospects through Email or Skype.

This Sales Letter will be edited once we reach 24 Gamma Ray Partners.
Currently, as of January 25, 2017, there are still partner and JV Positions available.

You will earn 50% commissions for every Red Hot JV that you refer into your Downline.

This takes place before launch and will continue until
all Gamma Ray Partner and Red Hot JV positions are filled.

Commissions will be paid weekly to everyone who earns the payout minimum.
For Gamma Ray Partners and Red Hot JV Members, that minimum is set at $10.00.
No cashout request is necessary. Payouts will be done every Friday starting one week
after our first sale. Currently, we use Payza and Stripe. Please add your Payza Email
in order to receive your commissions. Special arrangements can be negotiated for
anyone who cannot use Payza.

How many are in the Red Hot JV Team you ask?

200 to be exact.

That means each Gamma Ray Partner has the opportunity to bring in at least 10
Red Hot JV Membersand earn 50% commissions on their buy in price of $159.00.
That adds up to $79.50 in your commission bank for each Red Hot JV Member
that you recruit!

Important Note: 10 Red Hot JV Members per Gamma Ray Partner is only a figure to
showthe potential. This is an open promotion that is available on a "first promoter gets
the sale basis"
. There is no limit as to how many Red Hot JV Members a
Gamma Ray Partner can bring in except for the maximum total allowed, being 200.
It all depends upon your personal marketing efforts.

Promotion for the JV Team will continue up until the day of launch or until all available
positions are filled. Yes, the Red Hot JV Team slots will be available even after launch
if they are not all filled until we reach the maximum of 200 on the team.

Why so many as 200 Red Hot JV members, you ask?


Higher numbers makes a stronger team to build the site membership faster in order to help
it reach the "critical mass" necessary to maintain a healthy promotion status.

As marketers, many of you are familiar with the traditional numbers of 77 on the JV team
or 100 on the JV team. We have increased that number due to our experience as owners
of a TE and other mailers. We have learned that a small percentage of even a JV team
remains active for the long haul. So we decided to increase the probability of a successful
active team of Partners that will endure for the launch and the life of this mailer.

There are TWO KEY ELEMENTS to remember about the Two Partner Levels:

1. There will be only 24 Gamma Ray Partners who will receive
10% Profit Sharing for LIFE!

2. There will be a limit of 200 Red Hot JV Partners who will receive
5% Profit Sharing for LIFE!

Now those are the biggest incentives for these levels!

The NEXT BONUS FACTORS to being a Gamma Ray Partner or Red Hot JV is the Commission Level!

* Gamma Ray Partners earn 50% Commissions for every Red Hot JV who joins in their Downline.
Plus, they earn 60% Commissions on all upgrades and sales and 50% Commissions on all OTO offers.

* Red Hot JV Partners earn 50% Commissions for every member who joins in their Downline.
Plus, they earn 40% Commissions on all OTO offers.

This can add up to some HEFTY RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS on the Monthly Offers!

Another Bonus Factor to becoming a Gamma Ray Partner or
a Red Hot JV is our JV Co-Op.

You will want to join this because it will help you get more referrals. We have
personally spent hundreds of dollars buying up the best Login Spotlights and Start Pages
across multiple Mailers and Traffic Exchanges in our industry. Your link goes on
the Rotator for every spot you buy. In other words, if you buy one spot then you get one
spot on the Rotator that is placed on all the sites listed below. If you buy ten JV Co-Op
, then your personal referral link is placed the same number of times on the
,giving you an even better chance that your affiliate link will be seen more
often across multiple sites.

What an edge this gives you as a Marketer!

Here's a list of where we bought those spots:,,,,,,, Click,,,,,, .....and many more to come.

These JV Co Op spots are always available indefinitely. We are rotating the login ads and
have placed ads in surfs, startpages and text link advertising in multiple sites across the internet.
In the coming weeks, we are beginning an email campaign with the rotator link to advertise
on multiple mailers for our members who buy co op spots. Also, we are soon to launch
the blogs where upgraded members will be able to have their co-op banners placed in
addition to the free advertising partners will already receive on the blogs.

And here's the best part.. it's only $10.00 per Co-op spot and you can buy
as many spots as you'd like... I just ask as part of your commitment
that you buy at least one spot. We will run your JV Co-Op Spot ads until you receive
100 clicks minimum. Long term spots can be purchased at the rate of three months
and six months for $90.00 for three months and $160.00 for six months. Put in a
support ticket to request these positions until we have the sales packs ready.
Soon, the site will have a current Co Op Ad page with the listing for all
locations where ads are being seen.

Read Enough? Ready to Join? Simply Scroll to the Bottom of the Page.

More in depth information will be available on the sites regarding the other member
levels and how the incentive programs for each one works.
As we mentioned earlier,
there are eight progressive levels on Cheryl's
Red Hot Mailer and Cheryl's Red Hot Hits. The first
level is Free (The Spark)-this level will have multiple incentives for the members to upgrade or
earn their upgrade. The ultimate goal for this mailer is progression so every member is
earning their greatest potential. In essence, this level is a temporary stepping stone.
We chose the incentive method instead of charging members to join. We know some are
just on limited finances so we did not want to exclude any one.

Ignition, Ember and Fiery Flame are the main upgrade levels.

Sizzling Affiliate and Blazing Promoter are special levels that can be earned
or purchased. Each carries specific responsibilities that must be met
in order to maintain these levels.

Limited Levels are the Red Hot JV (200 total) and
Gamma Ray Partners (24 total).

This Mailer and Traffic Exchange are Loaded with Extras that will increase
your Marketing Ability. More will be added in the first month as we grow.

We had to remove the Zubees because they have no trade in Value since the
trade in for cash or ads was canceled by the Zubees owner. Instead, we have
Pirate Coins now that offer the chance to win a cash prize every week.

Have questions? Want to know more? Join our Skype Groups at
Cheryl's Red Hot Mailer & Cheryl's red Hot Hits.

The only thing left to say is, thank you for joining us.
Welcome to the Team and much Success to you!

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Lifetime Price for Gamma Ray Partners
is only $199.00.
Bring in 3 JVs and you earn your investment back.
Remember, you get 10% Profit Sharing for Life!
That adds up to Lifetime Monthly Residual Commissions!/font>

Want to be a RED HOT JV instead?
Okay then, pass up the first OTO then take the second one.
Lifetime Price is only $159.00
Remember, you earn 5% Profit Sharing for Life!